22 September 2016

Museum Dates

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I headed to the Art Science Museum as I wanted to visit the Future World Exhibition. I was attracted to the social posts on my feed and Explore that were all #instaworthy pictures that portrayed the place as one filled with very beautiful light installations. As it is not really a guy kind of thing (for the majority of the guys out there), luckily my boyfriend also found an exhibition that he'll prefer more, which is the Big Bang Data. We booked our tickets online for only $17 ($1 booking fee) for two exhibitions as they had special discounts for students :) Yay to never growing older!

Future World

Indeed, the Future World exhibition lived up to all the images that people took. The placed is fill with many light installations to educate and create awareness on some future issues such as the sinking of islands due to Global Warming. Just a thought though but isn't the usage of such a substantial amount of lights contributing to global warming too... Hmmmm maybe Panasonic, the sponsor, used some sustainable lights which I'm not sure. Anyways, moving on.

The exhibition also encouraged interaction beyond photography taking. They had a section where visitors could draw and see their drawing appear on the big screens around. I had lots of fun at this section and was feeling cheeky and hence declared that Alien exist :D There's also many other sections but I shall not reveal too much and let the photos do the talking instead :)

And, now we are at the most #instaworthy section of the whole exhibition, the fairy lights like light display!!! It felt like everyone came to the exhibition for this as it was crowded with people camping around to take their perfect photos. Of course, I joined them and took many nice photos too which was only possible as my boyfriend was an amazing photog ♥

The whole exhibition felt like a virtual world and it was an experience that I would recommend :)

Big Bang Data

Big Bang Data was like a documentation of how data had evolved over the years, how people like you and I had been contributing to the Internet of Things. I was taken aback when I walk through the exhibition as it had never occurred to me that such a process that we took it as normal could be recorded and presented. I actually preferred this exhibition more as it was more enriching and thought-provoking. I felt like I was like on a tour in the Internet space which was an interesting perspective as an outsider as all along I was inside and part of this change. They also raised questions such as how data should be used...

My favourite part of the exhibition will be the part on the Universe. I couldn't exactly remember what was it themed but I loved the whole experience. I was first greeted with a few globes that featured the continents in the world. As I walked further in, there was a sky filled with constellations (I believe) and there were bean bags for us to lie down and enjoy the view. It felt so surreal and I just sat on the bean bag and enjoyed the view above me. 

Building up on how the whole exhibition was on data, we were also encouraged to contribute more data to the exhibition which I thought was cute. It also injected a sense of realism on how we had created this whole world of data. We are talking about ONLY one space here. However, if you think about it, human are everywhere and the data that we have produced goes beyond what is shown in this image below.

'We Are Only So Small In A Big Big World'.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself at the ArtScience Museum. It made me felt small but in a good way :)

I love going museums as it brings me so much new perspectives and inspirations on how others view and think. I am someone who learns from experiences and hence I've always fancy museum as it a good place to get them :) 

I've come to the end of my post and I hope I've inspired you guys to start visiting museums! Apart from ArtScience Museum, there are many other museums out there such as Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) for Arts and Lifestyle lovers. In my opinion, I would say this is the best museum to start because it is more relatable to our daily lives. If you like history and culture, you can visit National Museum of Singapore and Peranakan Museum. If museums aren't your cup of tea, you can soak up some art and festival over at Gillman Barracks which have night events such as the annual Art After Dark

On the side note, I am extremely proud of my outfit and you know the secret, is all in courtesy of Taobao. This time, from head to toe, even the lace bra ;) 

Always remember to keep that fire inside you burning! I often visit the museum when I'm in need of some inspiration and I hope you'll find an activity that makes you happy :)

Take care and be happy, until next time!


3 August 2016

2D1N JB Trip

Time flies indeed and we are now close to the last quarter of the year. It is still not too late to achieve your goals that you have planned out during the start of the year and maybe one of it sounds like exploring JB? ;)

Today's post will be all about my short trip across the border to JB just earlier this week, with my boyfriend! Also, I'm a Malaysian (born in Singapore) so it definitely felt good to be home (although my hometown is in Ipoh). Despite only returning to my hometown once a year (twice when I was younger), I always had an emotional connection with Malaysia, is... a feeling beyond words!

I booked this trip wanting to celebrate the end of my 12 weeks internship BUT I extended another 2 weeks so well it shall just be a short getaway to get some breather then! :P I also had a last minute meeting so I went in office for half a day haha. Nonetheless, let's get started! :)

Day 1

My boyfriend and I took 950 from Woodlands and only reached JB at around 4pm. As we were late for check in, we grabbed a cab to KSL (RM10.90) which only took 5-10mins. Alternatively, you can also take a bus to KSL. Our hotel was Holiday Villa Johor Bahru, a four star hotel, which we bought from Agoda at SGD$85. If I'm not wrong, the hotel is only less than 2 years old hence the facilities/rooms/design are still relatively modern and new. As I requested for a non-smoking room, we got randomly upgraded from Superior Room to Deluxe Room (as Superior Room were all in smoking floor) so YAY. The room was spacious and overlooked the Johor skyline from the 22nd floor.

Around evening, we visited the Pasar Malam just next to KSL (Nearest exit: Coffee Bean). It happens on every Monday night so if you're giving KSL a visit, do check the night market out. We left the night market with happy stomachs as we were presented with so many food choices. We ate Asam Laksa, Chendol, Carrot Cake, Potato Wedges and many many many more. Our favorite would be the cake shop which sells amazing cakes. We brought the double cheese cake, it was so fluffly and yummy and it was only like RM10?! Pasar Malam in Malaysia is more cray than SG's so if you love Pasar Malam in SG, surely you'll love the one in JB :)

Subsequently at around 9pm, we paid the new hipster hangout place, Kilang Bateri, a visit. It took about RM15-20 for a 10-15 minute cab ride from Holiday Villa. The place was decorated like a container market, similar to the famous Common Ground in Korea and Artbox in Thailand, just well nearer :) The view was superb from the third floor, overlooking the whole Bateri while being accompanied with a live band. The only con was that there was no alcohol (well of course) so we chilled with ice teh tarik and fries instead.

Day Two

We woke up at 10am and headed down for the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. The food was decent but it was made up with the view :)

Thereafter, we headed to the Infinity Pool for a dip. The view was so sick and my only regret for this trip is not spending enough time in the pool :( We only chilled for less than an hour and had to head back to the room to check out at noon :( Meh.

After that, we went KSL to catch Jason Bourne for about RM30 for 2. KSL also has pretty affordable shopping. For instance, I got my tempered glass replaced at only RM 5. Also, my boyfriend got himself a new specs at only RM120 while a box of Biomedics lenses was at RM100. I couldn't remember the shop name but it is the optical shop opposite the cinema on the highest floor.

Around 5pm, we headed back to City Square. We've previously explored City Square area so there was nothing much in store for us. We unwind at Bev C over their renowned espresso ice cube coffee. We also had a little fun drawing each other on Bev C's drawing pad. Who drew better? Clearly it was me :P

For dinner, we headed to Meldrum Walk for Stingray. It wasn't anything fantastic but it was still nice.

And yeap, that's all for our short getaway! We only spent SGD100 including accommodation for 2D1N :) The itinerary for this trip is inspired from Jemma!

I didn't had any break after my exams (before I start my internship) therefore this break was needed badly! I really thoroughly enjoyed myself. Returning to work was very much dreaded but well JB is just a highway away so the options are always open :)

Thanks Love, for the great trip! ♥


5 July 2016

The Guide to Shopping at Taobao with Ezbuy from Singapore

I have a little secret which I would like to share today. The secret, is a revelation as to where I usually get my clothes from ;) Well, it's from Taobao 淘宝!!!! I AM A TAOBAO ADDICT because clothes, shoes, bags are so ridiculously cheap and value for money!

I discovered Taobao about 3-4 years ago, my brother introduced it to me and we have been using 65daigou as the agent for years (even before it rebranded to ezbuy.com). I know it's difficult to shop at Taobao due to the language being Chinese but trust me, it is not as hard as it seems to be! Besides, there's translation now! Before the rebranding to ezbuy, I had to manually search for clothes I want with Chinese keywords on Taobao (so it was definitely harder back then) however you guys are in luck as ezbuy has nicely categorized its products for its users. AND TODAY, I'm gna share with you guys some of my little tips on how to hack the system further and find even value for money clothes :)

Since ezbuy is such an established agent in Singapore, I would say it is the BEST PLATFORM for anyone to leverage on if you are new to Taobao and wants to give it a try! :)

1. Visit ezbuy.com and search for the item you like over at the search box

As you scroll further down the website, you'll see that ezbuy has made its website very user-friendly by classifying clothes under different categories such as Female, Male. Furthermore, when you click on it they are further curated based on topics/themes/collections such as Supermodel style, Athleisure, High Order (for female clothing).
Just navigate around the website and I'm sure you'll find something you like!

2. When you found something you like, click on "View original site" which will lead you to the original taobao site

Say for example you fell in love at first sight with the crotchet halter crop top :)

3. Copy the whole Chinese title into the search box

Alternatively, you can choose KEY Chinese characters to search for e.g. 镂空花边拼接螺纹针织露脐短款小吊带 which means Crotchet Crop Spaghetti Top.

4. Hover over your favorite items and click on both the 找同款 (items alike)/ 找相似 (similar items) buttons

To look for the most value for money item, you can categories the products based on price from lowest to highest by clicking on the 价格 button.

The good thing about the 找相似 and 价格 button is that it helps you discover other products that might interest you at LOWER prices :) E.g. A RMB11.99 top is only approximately SGD$2.50 before shipping and agent fee which is DAMN CHEAP RIGHT!!!

Another tip will be to look at the 销量 aka sales volume (next to the price) so that you can have a rough gauge on the product quality/sales. The high numbers will thereby translate to more people buying. The numbers act like a guarantee as those products are also popular and bought by many others too :)

Also, when you look at the clothes in its individual webpage, you can also read the reviews 累计评论 to know how the clothes look like by other buyers :)

5. After you've found the items you would like to purchase, simply copy the url and paste it into ezbuy.com search box

There's many other ways to shop Taobao but I chose ezbuy.com due to its efficient and convenient services. Their delivery services are super convenient with lots of neighborhood/MRT collection point! I have one near my house and one near my office which is extremely convenient for me to collect my parcels when they arrive without having to incur extra charges :)

My last tip will be to always look out for Free Agent Promo or Shipping Discounts of which you would be notified if you have their mobile app or had signed up to their mailing list! Hurray to more savings! :DDDD

Also, sharing come of my favorite shops with you guys (mostly American styled clothes):
- 奈丝NICE优质外贸女装
- 好多衣服饰专营店
- MISS LUCY女装快时尚

And viola, that's all for my mini guide to shopping at Taobao!!!! I hope it has helped you guys saved some money and find some gems! Why spend so much on retail shops when you can look the same or in fact, better? By spending smarter, you can use the savings to buy more clothes or spend it on other stuff you like :) It's all about stretching the dollar so have fun and get shopping! *Psst... Don't get addicted :P*

Top, Boots and Shades - Ezbuy.com
Jeans and Bag- H&M